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Learn 5 Money Saving & Stress Reducing

Home Buying Secrets 

FREE Home Buyer Guide + Mindmap + Worksheets

Wednesday, June 14 @ 5PM PT

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  • The #1, no “buyers remorse” hack.  And, the #1 no "not buying remorse" hack, too.
  • The 3 non-negotiable, negotiation strategies (and how to never lose a negotiation in the 1st place!)
  • Why "Zillow" is a cool place to start, but what isn't ever going to be able tell you.
  • You DO have a rich uncle. His initials are D.P.A.
  • How to mitigate the risk of losing any money if the deal goes south.
  • Detached vs. Condos vs. TownHomes: Learn why each can be good, bad & ugly.
  • You don’t even have to leave your house to find a house.  BUT .. here's 3 sites to use/3 sites to steer clear of.
  • The 3 Piles of Money Lesson (..before you have to learn it with your own).
  • Where are the deals hiding?  The "Diamonds In Your Own Backyard Hack" using 3 Concentric Circles of Influence.
  • Reconnassance Missions (..they're not just for Army dudes anymore).
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